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What We Do

What We Do

As mentioned in our Mission Statement, we assist individuals, families and businesses in setting, monitoring and attaining financial goals, while they strive to achieve balance in their spiritual, physical and emotional lives.

As Financial Advisors, we wear several hats in the work we do.

-          Financial Planners – a solid financial future starts with a solid financial plan.  We take a meaningful and thorough look at not only where you are currently, but where you would hope to be in the future as each stage of your life progresses.  This is a step by step, and ongoing work, helping you adjust as life events happen.  This plan can be as basic or extensive as you desire.


-          Investment Advisors – We help you determine and set an investment strategy that fits your goals now, and can be easily adaptable into the future.  Each investor is unique, and thus each strategy should be unique to them.  Once a strategy is determined, we strive to find the best investment mix to match that strategy, and continually monitor and adjust as the various markets shift due to ever-changing economic conditions.  We work alongside you as a teammate to help you focus and reach your stated goals.


-          Risk Management – We work with multiple insurance firms to assure you have the standard risks covered for unforeseen life events.  Whether that it long-term care needs, disability needs, or survivorship needs--- the firms we use work hard to help you properly prepare and plan for the future.